Air compressor is very useful kind of tool in today’s life. It is not only used for inflating your vehicle tires but it is also used for powering your guns like spray or nail guns. It can also be used to power wrenches and other mechanical operating tools. It means air compressor is a multipurpose tool. But any tool is useless unless you do not know that how better it can be operated. To make yourself friendly with any equipment it is necessary to know about all its specifications and its way of doing job.

Instructions About Using Air Compressor:

Air compressor is not difficult to use. But it is somehow little bit difficult for those who are using it for the first time. This article is for those guys who have recently bought an air compressor and also for those who do not really know how to get maximum benefit from it. You will be able to use it in better way after reading this user guide. Some instructions are given below.

Choice Of Compressor Air:

There are two types of compressor. These types include Piston type compressors and portable air compressor. Both compressors are used in totally different way. Piston type compressor is mostly used in industries for big projects while portable compressor is used for house hold activities like blowing air in tires or for blowing guns. So before buying any new compressor it is very important that you know about your requirement so that you may take buying decision accordingly.

Correct Pressure:

To operate air compressor it is very necessary to know about the correct level of air pressure needed. Air pressure should be equal to the rated hosepipe and fittings where ever it is needed.

Air Pressure Line:

It is very important that while using air compressor you should secure pressure lines so that you can prevent from problem of whipping or pounding. An air compressor is one of the most useful tools to own. Air compressors can be used for more than inflating tires. In fact, this device can power nail guns, spray guns, wrenches and many other tools.

Oil Level:

It is very important that before using air compressor you should check the level of oil in it. Lubrication of air compressor is necessary and oil level can guarantees the lubrication of this tool.

Attachment To The Compressor:

First of all attach the hosepipe to the compressor.  After this, attach the equipment which you want to clean or blow like tire gun or any of your required tools.

Shut Off Valve:

This is a tip for pre operating this tool. Shut off valves are used in emergency purpose so before using this equipment you should be aware about positions of shut off valve so that in any problematic condition air can be cut off.

Direction Of Air Flow:

Make sure that before operating that air compressor pipes are in right direction. It means that those pipes which are carrying compressed air are market with the flow direction of air. So these pipes should be in the direction of air flow.

How To Clean:

If you want to clean air compressor then prefer vacuum system as compared to compressed air.

Keep Compressor Away:

Keep air compressor away from your eyes. In fact put on your special goggles while using air compressor. Air blows out of some tools are very dangerous for eyes, skin and face.

Pressure Relief Valve:

This tool has pressure relief valve. Before using it identify this valve. This valve is very helpful in decreasing the noise faced during the working process. Keep the direction of relief valve away from the area where you are working.

Above given points are some guidelines for using air compressor. You will surely find these instructions use full for you.



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