How to use a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker has lots of pressure inside of it when it is cooking food and that is why it is very necessary to know how to use it the proper way. This is because in case you are careless about using it, not only may a pressure cooker blast up to your kitchen ceiling but the action may even result in you getting a severe scald from the hot steam inside! So read on to know how to use a pressure cooker the right way, the safe way.

  • Instruction manual

You must thoroughly read the instruction manual that comes with your pressure cooker by all means so that you get familiarized with using a pressure cooker.

There are two types of cookers; the old, dancing top pressure cooker, and the new, spring valve pressure cooker. The way each is used differs so be sure to read the manual for specific instructions on how to use your particular cooker.

  • Free of any manufacturing default

Make sure that the pressure cooker you are about to use does not have any manufacturing fault that makes its structure abnormal. In addition, ensure that there are no cracks on its structure which can make it very dangerous when there is a buildup of extreme temperature steam inside of it.

  • Enough room for steam

When you add contents to the pressure cooker, see to it that you do not fill it up to the top. This is because a pressure cooker works on the principle of high pressure applied on food through the buildup of steam. This means that you have to leave enough space empty in the cooker so that a good amount of steam can have enough room and hence have the requisite effect on food.

  • Water needed

You do not have to add the same amount of water for every recipe you cook in a pressure cooker and so check again with the recipe to see how much water you should be adding to the cooker for that specific dish instead of guessing at random.

  • Close the lid properly

This is probably the most important thing that you need to do, to check that you have tightened the lid on the pressure cooker properly and take the trouble to make a double or triple check over it.

This is because a huge amount of pressure will build inside the cooker when you cook food and if the lid is not fastened as it should be, then, there is danger of the lid jumping off the container base of the cooker and hurting someone, so take care that it is as tight as can be.

  • When to stop

When the pressure has reached the level intended, setup your timer and cook for as long as prescribed.

After you are done, carefully release the pressure inside the pressure cooker.

Make sure that all the pressure has been released before taking off the lid so that it is safe to open it up.

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