How to use

Knives are an important part of kitchen. The quality and taste of every food we cook highly depends on the knife we use as cutting itself is an important ttask. A sharp knife cuts food in more efficient manner. There are different  types of knives present in the market, whether this is chef’s knife or paring or utility, but mainly almost all the jobs are done by general purpose knives.There are made up of different materials being used toit, whether it’s a matter of handle or blade,every part has a number of options which matter while making of a knife. There are also some specialized knives that are made for performing specific tasks.

Tips to use:

  • Make sure that your knife is sharp enough to avoid any accidents while making the process because doing this process may be faster and while doing that if the knife is not sharp then this may cause a cut on one’s finger of the hand.
  • Select the knife which you want to use because the ways to handle different types of knives are different whether it’s a chef knife, paring knife, utility knife or French’s knife.
  • After selecting the type of knife you first need to consider the way a chef’s knife is to be gripped because grip must be accurate and tight in order to successfully perform any task, otherwisepeople will suffer from several accidents and mishaps.
  • In case of a chef’s knife, you need to grip from the thumb side of a hand.
  • A thumb of the hand must be grouped around the top of the blade, and the hand enfolded about the handle of knife.Doing this process will surely give extra control over the knife.
  • It is the time when your hand’s grip is tight and you are ready to go for the process, then now you have to make sure that your non-knife hand is safe enough and is gripped on the sliding board is tight enough to avoid any kind of mishaps while slicing,all this turn this position a bit unsafe. Make sure that your fingers of the hand are clearly off the blade of the knife and perform the process with your hand as mentioned above in this point because while slicing if the knife slips off then it may again cause cutting off a finger of the hand.
  • Now you need to grip by keeping your fingers of the hand curled inward of the food object and grip the food by the help of your fingernails, a hand remains out of mischief’s way.
  • Avoid using your palm to replace the board because this will be much dangerous position as chances of accidents will be much more.
  • In process while you need to mince some objects you just need to place your tip of the blade on the sliding board and keep on moving the handle up and down to make the process much faster and easier.
  • While using steak knives,be very careful because they are very sharp because even the slight slip of that knife can even cut off your finger.
  • Avoid slicing without the sliding board because it is a risky process.
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