Top Best Inversion Tables – Which One To Buy And Why?

Some days are lucky for you while others are not. It was one of my unlucky days. Everything was getting wrong right from the start of morning. First, I burn it my finger while making coffee, then my car rejected to move when I was already getting late. My boss was hard on me that day for not being attentive in the meeting but all these things were not as serious as the last thing that  happened that day. I was pulled several miles away by a car while crossing the street on the way to home. The next thing I saw was a lot of unknown faces shouting loudly. I was taken to hospital. The wounds were serious but they got better with time. This incident took away my happiness leaving me dependent. My backbone was hurt badly. This led to never ending pain in my back. It was very difficult to cope with it in the start but thanks to my wife who brought me an inversion table. After a long time, I have felt normal and pain free. I use it for an hour twice a day to keep back pain permanently away.

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I got back pain due to accident but there are a large number of people who face it due to old age or other reasons. There is no permanent cure for back pain except the use of inversion table but unfortunately most of the people are not aware of it. We have a community here in our town where people like me with back problems meet and share their experiences. A large number of people in that community shared the problems they are facing in finding the best inversion table. This led me to write this report. I started reading customer and product reviews of different inversion table and kept on writing down features as well as pros and cons of different inversion table. This helped me in narrowing down my research to top inversion table. This report reveals my findings.

Back pain is a very common issue faced not only by old, but also young people. One of the common reasons of this health problem is our wrong sitting posture. Most of us spend several hours in front on computer without changing our position when doctor highly suggest changing body position once after every few minutes. Back pain once occur is very difficult to get rid of. Medicines only suppress the pain, it does not cure the problem permanently.

Can I Get Rid of Back Pain Permanently?

This is a very common question asked by almost every second person. The answer to this question is Yes. You can get rid of back pain permanently only if you use best inversion table daily. A few people complained that their back pain remained despite using an inversion table. It is because the table, they are using is probably poor quality. This means it is very important to buy the right product to get maximum inversion table benefits.

List Revealed

There are thousands of inversion tables available in the market. The strange thing is that all of them are best as per their manufacturers, but inversion table reviews tell something else. We have gone through customer and expert reviews for different inversion table which helped us to narrow down top inversion tables that are more popular in the market for their extraordinary benefits and unique features.

List of Top Best Inversion Tables In Market

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Ironman Inversion Table:

A best inversion table is one that assists in reduction of back pain as it relieves pain and pressure on ligament and discs of vertebrae. It is also helpful in reducing fatigue and level of stress. Additionally, inversion table is very supportive in stimulating circulation of blood, even through stiff muscles and best for athletes as they can increase flexibility in the body. One of the best inversion tables is of Ironman that has various features to provide support and comfort to you:

Features and Overview of Product:

Inversion Table Design: This ironman inversion table is designed with frame of steel in order to ensure its durability. This inversion table is responsible to provide comfort, ease and relief from back pain and for this the back cover of inversion table is of memory Vinyl foam. Along with that it has comfortable long handles that provide support.

Weight Capacity: Inversion table has the strength to provide support and ability to hold much weight that can be up to 300 lbs.

Safety: This inversion table is able to provide protection and safety to people with its tether straps that are strong enough to handle heavy weight and provide comfort while inversion. It also has safety hand covers that are made from vinyl foam for the safety of hands as well as arms.

Ankle Locking Mechanism: The ironman inversion table has a tremendous ankle locking system to ensure your safety while you are working out or relaxing on an inversion table. The table has ankle cushions that are molded to provide safety and support to the body. Additionally, it has the ability to adjust at good height even up to 6’66”.

Vertical Inverting Position: Inversion table has ability to invert vertically at its maximum angle of 180 degrees.

Lumbar Pillow: The gravity 4000 inversion table has an attached lumber pillow that provides support and comfort to people.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table

These inversion tables are very effective for the treatment of joints and muscle pain and there is no requirement to pay heavy amount physiotherapy when you have this at home. The inversion tables are very helpful and beneficial for the relieving back pain, improvement of joint health, toning of muscles and increasing your body flexibility by doing different exercises on inversion table. This inversion table has following features:


Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure: This inversion table has lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes that have ability to fit anywhere.

Ankle Cups: Ep-560 inversion table has been provided with ankle cups along with that there is also a built in grip system of handle in order to have proper decompression as well as stretching.

Perfect for Joint Pain: This inversion table was specifically made for the patient suffering from joint pain and loosens muscles in order to provide a perfect balance and convenient controlling system.

Locking System for Storage: Additionally, this machine also has a secure locking system that assists to fold the machine whenever you want for convenient storage.

Quality: This inversion table has an outstanding quality. The machine qualifies all the international standards of quality.

 Ability to Hold Weight: This inversion table has ability to hold the weight up to 300 lbs.

Warranty: Along with that, this inversion table also has a warranty of 5 years.

Working: This Ep-560 has ability to pinpoint backache by stretching and relaxing the tense and hard all muscles thoroughly and it is important to decompress your back and spine to assist in realigning it, and after that there will be noticeably reduction in the pressure of  nerves. These techniques of stretching and decompressing the muscles will give benefit to your ankles, hips and knees as well. In addition, this inversion table also provides support for the improvement in your ability of shock absorption and your strength of ligaments.

Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Table

If you are tired and frustrated of taking extra medicines, supplements and expensive physiotherapies for the cure of backache and muscle pain then now you don’t have to pay a lot of money for all of these to relieve pain. Although, inversion tables are being used from longer duration of time for the cure of back, joint and muscles pain permanently but the new Ironman inversion has unique features that makes it more effective and beneficial. Here are mentioned following features:

Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table Features:

Heating System: This inversion table has an infrared therapy that provides permanent relief from the back pain by heating the backrest. This unique and latest feature helps to cure the muscle and back pain as it relaxes the muscles of back.

Thin Carbon Layer: Additionally, the ironman inversion table has an advanced carbon heating mechanism that has ability to produce heat to approximately 140F. You can conveniently adjust the settings of temperature even you are working on inversion table and

Weight Capacity up to 350 Pounds: This is one of the most useful features. There is no inversion table that offers weight limit up to 350 pounds but ironman inversion table is designed in a way that it can hold weight of 350 pounds even.

180 Degree Motion: This advanced inversion table provides motion of 180 degree. You can easily adjust the required angle.

Make you Feel Good: Along with all the above mentioned features, it will also give you a good feeling just after few minutes of use. This will be due to relieve from backache s, it also decreases tiredness and fatigue.

Ironman Inversion Table is one of the best and unique inversion tables because of its unique as well as advanced features.

Images of Best Inversion tables

 Ironman Inversion Table 1000

Inversion table assists to provide comfort, support and flexibility to the body, but if it is not of good quality then there are a few risks that may affect negatively to a human body that includes a rise in blood pressure, pressure on eyes may increase or your heart rate may increase drastically. But now the Ironman resolved these issues by offering best inversion table. Here are following features of the inversion table:

Overview and Features of Product:

Supportive Design: This inversion table is designed by using steel frame to ensure safety and support to people. It has a hard nylon on the back so that it could provide you comfort while using it. Along with that, this sturdy Ironman table provides comfort, support and helps to reduce back pain with its consistent use.

Easy and Effective to Use: The inversion table is very easy to handle. You have to rest yourself on the nylon backrest and stretch your feet to ankle cushion. You can easily invert yourself up to 180 degrees in upright position. This will make your body flexible and resolves many issues of vertebrae discs.

Rubber Nonskid Floor Stabilizer: This rubber stabilizer helps to provide support while you are in an inverted position and the nylon cover of long handles will help you to provide comfort and ease to your hands and arms while you are in an inverted position.

Height Adjustment: It is very easy to adjust inversion table according to your height as it has a frame to adjust height up to 6’6”. Along with that, this inversion table has the ability to hold heavy weight up to 300 lbs. Additionally, 1000 Ironman inversion table provides an accurate vertical inversion of 180 degrees.

Ankle Locking System: The inversion table has a spring loaded system for locking the ankles in order to provide full support while you are inverting.

Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table

In order to get rid of back pain, you can use inversion table that will definitely help you to remove this pain forever. Here are some of the distinguished features of Body Champ inversion table that makes it unique and different from rest of the tables:

Features and Overview of Product:

Mechanism of Pull-Pin: Because of this extra ordinary mechanism, you can adjust your poster in the inversion table as you want and with which you are comfortable. You can set yourself in any of the postures like in upright straight position, a little bit tilted or bent and at 180 degree inversion position.

Simple Ankle Adjustment: The inversion table has very easy and simple technique to adjust your ankles for support while you are inverting. It has a pin that is spring loaded to hold you tightly and provide you full support when you are in the upright position. Additionally the safety straps will hold your ankles at their position and support your body to create a balance.

Foam Rollers: In order to provide support to your ankles, this unique inversion table has come up with four foam rollers. This will make the inversion table more comfortable and convenient for you to set a particular posture while inverting.

Comfortable Handrails: The body champ inversion table has long and comfortable U shaped handrails that provide support and cushion effect to your hands and arms when you are inverting on an inversion table.

Easily Locked for Safety: This inversion table has a unique lock system that keeps it safe and protected even when it is not in use.

Weight: These inversion tables have capacity to hold and support weight up to 250 pounds.  Along with that they have a good height range of 6’7” that enable you to easily adjust in it.

Body Max Inversion Table:

Now a day, back pain is common among issue and everybody seems to discuss ways to get rid of it forever but unfortunately either it never ends completely or you have to go through a surgery. Along with that doctors usually prescribe such medicines, exercises and physiotherapies that will help you to reduce back pain for the time being but body max has introduced a unique inversion table that will reduce your back pain and will eliminate it if it will be used consistently. There are various features of body max that makes it outstanding inversion table

Features of Product:

Releases Back Pain Instantly: This inversion table will invert you upside down and reduces the pressure on your back bone. This result in instant relieves from pain. Along with this, this inversion table not only reduces back pain but it also helps in decreasing blood pressure and keeps the heart rate normal.

Adjustable: Inversion table can be adjusted at any position you want. If you want it to invert fully then it will invert you upside down and it will also invert you slightly as per your requirement. The inversion tables have the ability to bear weight up to 250 pounds and have different ranges of height adjustments starting from 4.8 to 6.7 ft.

Ankle Support: Body max inversion tables help you to support your body while inverting by its extraordinary pull and pin strategy with a spring loaded in the ankle support. This will make you feel relaxed and comfortable in inverting position.

Safety Straps: These inversion tables also have safety straps that will assist you to manage different angles of the inversion table

Lock for Safety Purpose: The inversion table has locks that keeps it safe and protected.

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Things to Consider While Buying an Inversion Table

Following are some important things that a buyer should consider before buying an inversion table:

Strength and Durability: Buying an inversion table has been a long time investment, so the buyer should check the material and the frame of the inversion table.  If you are in search of highly durable inversion table then go for buying inversion table made of steel or any other hard material. Along with this, it should be noticed that the inversion table must have a proper finishing. If its finishing is not good then its outer surface will start damaging gradually.

Features: It is one of the most important aspects that a buyer should keep in mind while buying an inversion table. There are many types of inversion tables that offer unique and different features. Always search for extra functions and features in inversion table, here are mentioned some basic features as follows:

  • Body and frame of Inversion table should be made of steel and other hard substances.
  • An inversion table must have a comfortable lumber pillow and a Vinyl foam backrest that will provide support to your back and makes you feel relaxed and relieved from pain.
  • A good inversion table has an ankle lock system that provides support to your body by holding ankles comfortably.
  • With its awesome non skid floor stabilizer, you will remain safe from falling down after getting inverted.
  • Inversion tables must have long and comfortable handles that will provide full support and comfort to the hands as well as arms while you get inverted.

Smooth Movement: When you are searching for a best inversion table, then one of the main features is its smooth movement. One of the best inversion tables is one that provides smooth as well as movement at different angles. At the start, you can set and fix your inversion table at 30 to 40 degrees, but later on you have to increase your decrease with time and you can set yourself at higher degrees even if the movement of inversion table is smooth. You must keep in your mind that a good inversion table has ability to get adjusted at several angles of your choice and requirement. It is mostly suggested to check the movement of inversion table before buying it.

Limit of Weight: Inversion table should have ability manage the weight of the body. A good inversion table can bear weight up to 300 pounds.

Support and Comfort: Before buying an appropriate inversion table, you must check whether the seats, handrails, ankle cushions and pillow cushions provide proper support and are comfortable or not.

Easy to Use: It is also one of the important things that a buyer should keep in mind the ease of using, assembling parts and operating inversion table before buying it. Some of the old versions of inversion tables have complex systems along with their heavy weights but now due to technological advancements, inversion tables are easy to use, have simple systems and unique features.

Brand and Model of Inversion Table: In order to assure quality and durability of inversion table, it is mostly suggested that buyers should buy the latest models of branded inversion tables because old models are not as effective.

Price of Inversion Table: The buyer should buy inversion tables that are more affordable and effective for them that means such inversion tables that have unique and extra features and incurs less cost. It is always recommended that buyers should not decide solely upon the price of inversion table but he should also notice other features and quality of the inversion table.

You can easily buy best inversion table now by keeping in view all the above aspects in mind.

So, What Do You Say?

The inversion table reviews mentioned above  contain every relevant information needed for buying best inversion table. We have tried to fulfill our responsibility by providing genuine, reliable and unbiased information. Now, it is your turn. Consider the above mentioned points while buying an inversion table.

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