Portable Table Saw Reviews By Top Market Experts

Portable Table Saw Reviews By Top Market Experts

It is a well-known saying that old is gold. This applies particularly to wood accessories as they are still in fashion. Now days, different other mediums and materials are available for making cupboards, furniture and other stuff but still people prefer using wood accessories as they give a traditional touch. Some people create these accessories at home using a table saw. This is a good time pass and it also saves you money. You can create dog house for your pet, a small cupboard for your daughter, wood shelves for basement, wood furniture for living area and much more and this is only possible because of table saw.

Are you Creative?

Do you have a creative and innovative mind? Are you getting bored? Do you want to try something new? Are you willing to show this world that you have got a talent? If yes then buy portable table saw and get started.

It is Just a Misconception

It is a misconception that table saw is only meant for professional woodcutters and that ordinary people cannot use it. The truth is that even a child can use table saw as modern day saws are portable, light weighted and easy to use. So, if you have a feeling deep inside your heart to do something different and unique then making wood accessories is a great thing to do but you will be needing a portable table saw. This guide will help you in finding the best table saw as it contains portable table saw reviews.

Our Source of Information is Reliable

Before revealing the list of best table saws, I must mention here that our sources are reliable. These reviews are generated by market experts who have been dealing with table saws since a long time. These experts were specially asked to write genuine and unbiased portable table saw reviews as our main focus here is not to sell table saws but to serve customers by providing them with reliable information regarding different table saws.

Revealing The List of Top Table Saws Currently Available

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Finally, we are here with the list of best table saws available in the market. This list is based after doing thorough review of the features and specifications of different table saws. The units mentioned here are 95% more efficient than other similar units available at same price.

Scope of Use

It is important to clear at this point that all 5 table saws which we believe to be best are designed for both domestic and professional use due to their advanced features and ease of use. So, if you are a professional then still you can buy any of these table saws.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Compact Job-Site Table Saw

DEWALT_DW745_10-Inch_Compact_Job_Site_Table_SawFollowing lines throw light on the distinguishing features of Dewalt DW745 table saw.

Highly Efficient And Powerful Motor: It is the motor of a saw that determines its effectiveness. Most of the table saws have a cheap and less powerful motor that is why they take time in cutting thicker logs of wood. The good thing about this saw is that its motor is highly powerful. It has 14 amp motor with a speed of approximately 3,850 rpm. Nothing can stop it from cutting wood no matter how thick and heavy it is.

Maximum Depth: Another distinguishing feature of this saw is that it can cut wood that is even several inches deep. According to the manufacturer, Dewalt table saw can cut up to -1/8 inches deep making an angle of 90 degrees and it can go as far as 2-1/4 inches making an angle at 45 degrees.

Special Table: After motor comes the table of an electric saw as the table itself plays an important role in the whole process of cutting woods. If table is not well built or it fails to maintain balance then it becomes impossible to cut wood smoothly and with accuracy. The table of this saw is coated and has a high quality material which allows it to get rid of friction as much as possible allowing you to have great results.

Dust Collector: Wood cutting is messy as wood when being cut leaves behind dust and small particles which are very difficult to get rid of. This table saw has a dust collection chamber which collects all the dust. You need to empty this chamber time to time.

Warranty Provided: You can get this saw fixed in case of any damage free of cost for the first 12 months of buying. You may use it for three months and if you feel that it is not what you wanted then you may also get your money back as the manufacturer of this saw offer money back guarantee within 90 days of buying.

This is really a good table saw with unique features and reasonable price.

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Work site Table Saw

Bosch_4100-09_10-Inch_Worksite_Table_SawThe features and specifications of Bosch 4100-09 table saw are given as followed in order to have better understanding of this unit.

Extraordinary Power: Cutting large logs of wood is a very challenging especially if you are doing it for professional purposes. It is highly suggested buying a portable table saw having powerful motor. Bosch 4100-09 table saw certainly has a highly powerful motor having the ability to maintain 3,650 rpm speed.

Good For Professionals: Most of the table saws are either good for professional work or for domestic work but the good thing about this saw is that it is equally effective for both professional as well as domestic use.

Great Cutting Ability: The cutting ability of a saw differentiates it from other saws. This saw can cut all types and sizes of wood no matter how big and thick it is.

Cutting Table is Large Enough: Table saw is useless if it cannot handle larger logs of wood. This saw has a table 25 inches wide. It can easily keep several logs of woods at a time making it easier and time efficient for you to cut wood.

Has Stand With Wheels: Sometimes, we have to move the table saw to the construction site or to can easily move from one place to the other. It has a stand with wheels making it portable.

Offers Warranty: This table saw comes with an attractive offer. You can get back your money in full within 30 days of buying if you are not satisfied with the unit. The manufacturer also provides one year of free service.

I highly recommend buying this table saw.

DEWALT DW744XRS 10-inch Job Site Table Saw

DEWALT_DW744XRS_10-inch_Job_Site_Table_SawDewalt DW744XRS portable table saw has following distinguishing features.

Motor is Highly Powerful: It is the motor of saw that matters most as cutting work is done by the motor so it is very important to check the effectiveness of motor before buying a table saw. As far as my experience with this saw is concerned, it was extraordinary great as the motor of Dewalt DW744XRS is highly powerful much more than other saws currently available in the market. Its motor is high torque with power of 15-amp.

Good in Cutting: Unlike most of the other saws, this saw can cut all types of woods no matter how hard and thick they are. This is because of its powerful motor and high quality blades. The good thing is that you can also use it for professional purposes like on wood cutting shop as it is designed for both domestic and professional use.

Light Weighted And Portable: Usually when we think of a table saw then an image of a highly complex and heavily weighted machine comes in mind as most of the table saws are heavy weighted and difficult to move. Another positive feature of this table saw is that it is light weighted. Hence, it can easily be moved from one place to the other.

Has Rolling Stand: This saw has a rolling stand made up of nothing else then heavy duty aluminum. This stand keeps the table a few inches above the floor Not only this, it has folding legs and high quality wheels that ensure safe movement. You can now take your table saw directly on to the construction site instead of taking woods to your shop. It can even move up the stairs.

The features of this table saw say that it is worth buying.

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Job site Table Saw

Bosch_GTS_1031_10-Inch_Portable_Jobsite_Table_SawFollowing is a detailed overview of Bosch GTS1031 table saw highlighting its main features.

Easy to Move: In most of the cases, wood cutters have to take logs of wood to the shop instead of work site just because the table saw cannot be taken to the construction site due to its heavy weight. Thanks to Bosch that came up with portable table saw. Bosch GTS1031 table saw is relatively easier to move due to its unique design and less weight. It has a handle with the help of which you can carry it anywhere without putting in much effort.

Purely Made of Steel: Do not worry about the quality of this table saw as it is purely made of steel that makes it durable and reliable. You can use it for several years to come but only if you take proper care of it.

Highly Optimized: This unit is highly optimized for performing a huge number of tasks. It can cut merely every wood whether it is hard or soft. You can now create cupboards, shelves and various other wood accessories with great precision and accuracy by using this table saw.

Easy to Use: This table saw unlike other table saws does not have any complicated mechanism. Any person with little know-how about table saws and their working can easily use this unit. So, if you are buying a table saw for the first time then I personally suggest you to buy this particular unit.

Storage Mechanism: There are a lot of tools involved in cutting wood. You have to take these tools to the construction site along with the table saw which is sometimes difficult. A fascinating feature of this table saw is that it has a storage space under its table huge enough to occupy all the tools needed for wood cutting from miter gauge to wrenches etc.

This is a good unit with extraordinary features and affordable price.

DEWALT DWE7480 10-Inch Compact Job Site Table Saw

DEWALT_DWE7480_10-Inch_Compact_Job_Site_TableThe highlighting features of Dewalt DWE7480 are mentioned below.

Motor Details: The first thing you should look at while buying a table saw is its motor. If motor is powerful having higher rpm rate then it means that saw is worth buying. If, on the other hand, the motor is less efficient then prefer looking for any other table saw. When it comes to motor then Dewalt DWE7480 is the best option as it has15 amps motor with 4800 resolutions per minute.

Ensure Balance: Wood cutting is a very sensitive work as it involves great precision and accuracy. Even a slight distraction or imbalance can cause severe injury to the wood cutter. Therefore, it is very important for the table saw to be in balanced position where it cannot move while in use. Rear feet are designed on this table saw to avoid balancing issues. It allows the table saw to maintain its position even if it is placed on an uneven surface. In the same way, the table has extra coating which is done to decrease the amount of friction that produces as a result of wood cutting.

Storage Space Available: This saw also has a storage space for keeping your daily use tools.

Portability: This unit has a very low weight due to which it can easily be moved to the construction site.

I give my high recommendations to this unit as it is the best table saw as per its features.

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Top 8 Features To Look For While Buying a Table Saw

Most of the customers get confused which table saw to buy as manufacturer of every saw claims that his product is the best of all but you cannot take buying decision solely on it. It is better to do thorough investigation about the latest brands and models of table saw as it will help you in taking buying decision.

Our experts after in depth market investigation believe that there are top 8 features you must take into account while buying a table saw. Following is the brief overview of all these 8 features that determine the effectiveness of a table saw.

  1. Motor: First and foremost, you must check the motor of the table saw. Check the resolutions per minutes and also the power of motor as these two factors strongly determine the quality and effectiveness of a table saw.
  2. Dimensions of Table: It is highly suggested buying a saw having bigger table that has enough length and width especially if you are buying the table saw for professional purposes. Bigger tables allow you to cut even larger and heavier logs on wood within minimum time.
  3. Dust Collection Mechanism: Good table saws always have a dust collection mechanism for storing dust. This is time saving as you will no longer need to collect the dust manually. If you are a professional wood cutter who work with table saw on daily basis then it is better to buy the saw having dust collection mechanism.
  4. Ease of Use: Some table saws have a very complicated mechanism due to which a lay person cannot use them. It is highly advised buying a table saw that is easy to use.
  5. Portability: Most of the times, we have to take the table saw to the construction site. This is only possible if the saw you are using is light weighted and easy to move. Prefer buying a table saw having wheels and moving mechanism.
  6. Blades: Do not forget to check the blades of a table saw before buying it. This is because blades play an important role in the smoothness and neatness of cut. Good quality and sharp blades cut wood faster.
  7. Material Used: The material used for building a table saw should be of high quality so that it may not get broken easily. You must check the material used before buying the saw. Prefer those saws that are made of steel or other similar heavy duty material that is powerful and efficient.
  8. Stand: The stand makes it easy to use the table saw. Good table saws have powerful stand that makes them easy to move. These stands also allow the saw to remain still at its place.

We Value Our Relation

We value our relation with you that is why we have tried our best to provide as much information regarding table saws as possible. If you are still confused and doubted failing to take any buying decision then you may consult other websites but the risk of doing this is very high as more then80% of the content available online is not based on reality. Our reviews and analysis is backed by intensive research. We have done our job with full sincerity, now we leave decision on you.

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