How to use an Inversion Table:

The benefits of using an inversion table are countless starting from relaxing back muscles to relieving body stress and increasing blood flow. Since such problems are prevalent in almost every society, inversion tables are usually used across the globe by chiropractors, orthopedic physical therapists and even at home because of its user friendly nature. However, it is important to know the intricate and small details of properly using an inversion table which is usually overlooked my instruction manuals and DVD disks. Following is a basic step by step manual of effectively using an inversion table.

Step 1: Assembly

This is probably the most important step before you begin using your inversion table. It is strongly advised that you use a flat surface to set up your inversion table on for added balance and stability. Furthermore, every inversion table comes with a handy manual which helps put together all the parts of your appliance in an orderly manner.

Step 2: Setting up

Since the inversion table will be supporting all of your weight it is essential that you check the safety gear and adjust the height of the table accordingly for better results and added comfort. Safety gear varies amongst inversion tables where some may secure around the center, whereas others have ankle bars. Either way, before starting, make sure you are securely tied on to the table.

Step 3: Starting your routine

For your first go at the table, it is highly recommended that you have a friend or colleague close by to help you easily settle and start using it on your own. Once you get on the table, adjust your footing firmly and throw back your arms over your shoulders for better spinal traction. Begin your routine with a smaller angle and work your way up or on what your physician has advised you.

Step 4: Working with the table

In the initial sessions with the table, you may experience a slight discomfort, especially where balance is concerned since you will not be able to hold your position for too long. But gradually you shall get the hang of it and before moving to higher angles, rest your body on a particular angle for at least 25 minutes. Soon you will start feeling relaxed as the inversion table works its magic on you. Remember to breathe deeply so as to allow proper circulation of oxygen all around your body.

Step 5: Increasing exercise

Gradually and steadily increase the angle of your inversion table. It is not important to reach a complete 90 degrees angle since most people usually stay between 30 to 60 degrees as it all depends on comfort and ease. Keep a track of your pain levels, and work with the table twice or thrice a day to alleviate pain and find better results. Keeping a track of your pain levels can also help you in adjusting your inversion table’s angle if not specified by your doctor already.

While working with your inversion table, make sure that you don’t invert too suddenly or frequently as it may cause dizziness or nausea. Also make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing which will further add to the comfort level of your workout. If all goes well and according to the procedure, your inversion table will prove worthy and better than many exercise machines and therapies. Not only does it consist of yoga movements, it is also effective for muscle toning and abs exercises. Bare in mind, the inversion table is not made for wen who are expecting. Patients of blood pressure and cardio diseases should also avoid using it. Thus, it is important that you visit your physician before attempting a go at the inversion table therapy.

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