How to Use An Electric Blanket

Winter is approaching and this means that there will be much colder nights. Though, electric heaters are helpful in increasing the room temperature during winter nights yet they are not safe to use and they sometimes cause suffocation especially if you have breathing problem. This is the main reason, people these days prefer using an electric blanker as it is much more beneficial and also easier to use.

Care is Necessary

Every product has user manual that comes with the package. The user manual provides detailed information about do’s and don’ts. When it comes to an electric blanket then there are a few things you must consider in order to avoid any unwanted accident.If you have bought an electric blanket to enjoy a good night sleep in winter cold nights, then be careful in its usage. Its improper usage can be risky. To avoid risk, several precautions must be followed. Although every brand provides recommendations book and safety tips that’s describes procedure of using. Here you will find some general instructions about how to use electric blanket.

Familiar yourself with following Instructions:

  • Before using your blanket check it all over that it doesn’t has any hole that can cause some serious problem. Make sure that blanket is in good position and is not damaged from anywhere.
  • If everything is good then plug it in before sleeping and turnoff all other heating devices. It will warm the bed after some time. Most of the people switch on an electric or gas heaters while in an electric blanket thinking that it will warm them up fast when it is not a good idea as too much warmth can also be dangerous. An electric blanket alone is sufficient to make you feel warm and cozy.
  • Now when you feel that your bed is too hot you can set the controller again.
  • When you are not using, turn it off. New electric blanket has timer setting feature which automatically turn it off after the time set by the user.
  • After season is over, you can wash it according to manufacture instructions. And keep it at safer place.


  • It is very risky to use electric blankets for infants and children and for the people who cannot use heat controller properly.
  • People who are insensitive to heat should not use electric blankets. Diabetic patient are mostly warn to use these blanket because sometimes they cannot feel that bed is over warmed which can be dangerous.
  • Don’t use it when you are sleeping with your pet.Animals must be kept away as there sudden claw may damage the wiring.
  • Don’t use electric mattress on water beds as it can damage the product and may cause any serious harm.
  • When your blanket is not performing well then you must send it to the manufacturer repairer so that he may point out the root problem and find relevant solution for it.
  • It is necessary to change or deposit your old blanket after period of ten years. Because it get expired and can be harmful like all other electrical devices.

Take care of these tips and instructions in order to get maximum benefit from your electric blanket.

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