How to maintain an electric lawn mower

Like every appliance, your electrical lawn mower also requires some looking after for optimal performance. It may not be as hectic as maintaining and caring for a gas lawn mower but it nonetheless requires some basic maintenance. Looking after your lawn mower will not only increase its lifespan but also add to its functionality. Your electrical lawn mower can either be battery operated or with a cord.  Following is a basic manual for maintaining either kind of electrical lawn mower.

  1. Blade: For safety purposes, always wear gloves to avoid cuts when dealing with your lawn mowers blades. Upon inspection, if they are dulled then either get them sharpened from a service station or do it yourself with a sharpening rock or hand file. If the blades seem damaged or unbalanced, get them changed.
  2. Vents and filters: To avoid any mishaps and hazards that can be caused by overheating, it is recommended that you clean out the vents and filters with a brush or compressed air to avoid any blockages. Moreover, manufacturers recommend cleaning the filters and vents every 25 hours of use.
  3.  Deck and Body:The sooner you remove the clippings from around and beneath your mower, the easier it will be to clean it especially because scrapping may inflict scratches and graze marks. Another tip to avoid this is to apply a little cooking oil or WD-40 before operation. Remember not to use soaking sponges on or under your mower since it is electrical and this may damage its functioning.
  4.  Nuts and bolts: The intense vibrations of a lawnmower may cause fasteners and bolts to become loose thus it is advised that you often tighten them and also check them before using your lawn mower
  5.  Axels and Wheels: Lubricating the wheels and axels doesn’t need to be done frequently, however, it is suggested that you do it 2 to 3 times each season by removing the wheels and oiling the axels with a rag. The most basic thing that should be done often is, keeping your wheels and axels area free of clippings and dirt since it is the prime cause of wearing and unbalanced wheels which leads to the uneven cutting of your lawn.
  6. Electronic power system: Thoroughly inspect the power system of your lawn mower after unplugging it. If it is operated with a chord then check whether the chord and connectors is properly insulated without any nicks and the prongs are secured and straight. If not, they can be adjusted with pliers and the chord can be taped.
  7. Battery: If your mower is battery operated then it is essential that you take care of the battery since it is not bought cheap. Do not fully discharge the mower’s battery since it will reduce its charging capacity. Make sure the charger and other featured components are working well and replacing or servicing your battery every 5 to 7 years will increase the running life of your mover exponentially.
  8. Storage: Your lawn mowers life span depends on not only cleaning and maintaining it, but also properly storing it away in a shed or garage where it will be safe from weathering elements such as rain and snow. It is also advised that you remove the battery from the holder inside the lawn mower when you store it away. Nowadays, most electrical lawn mowers are fordable, thus can be easily stored in compact spaces.
  9. Grass bag: The grass bag attached to most mowers can be cleaned or washed at ones convenience. Its maintenance is essential since the accumulation of dirt and grass clippings can result in rotting and wearing.

Electrical mowers are much easier to use and maintain in comparison to gas mowers which are costly in terms of money as well as physical exertion. All you need to do is keep the mower clean and get the blades sharpened at least once every year. For an extensive clean up and maintenance routine, the above mentioned pointers should be helpful.

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