Review on the Cover Control Garbage disposal system

Review on the Cover Control Garbage disposal system


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  • Made in US with SoundSeal Technology to deliver ultra-quiet performance versus a standard food waste disposal
  • 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor and MultiGrind Technology with two-stage grind to quickly pulverize virtually any food waste

The garbage disposal system is a blessing for a women that ahs to tend to a big family. The cooking dinner is not the only problem that she has to face it is the cleaning afterwards. The food waste left over the dinner is a hassle to just through in the dustbin ass it will rot and create a foul odor afterwards that can ruin your good mood anytime of the day. The garbage disposal system comes into play at these moments. You have a huge waste of food leftovers that you have to throw away just simply put them inside the garbage disposal for grinding them in little waste pieces and store them to throw afterwards without any foul odor or excessive effort. The common garbage disposal unit is the Continuous feed garbage disposal that on switching on can continuously grind but if the accidents happen like a fork are thrown inside it then before you turn the power of the damage has been done.

The Batch feed garbage disposal are the alternative for these garbage disposal types. These garbage disposals come with a cover control system that needs only the cover to be placed on the sink mouth after putting the waste that needs to be grinned. Without the push of the button, the garbage disposal unit works its magic. The Cover Control batch feed garbage disposal are now the popular choice for women all around the world due to their security feature. We have decided to write the review for the Cover Control garbage disposal systems to help increase your knowledge about them. We have selected few of the top models from the bets companies in our Cover Control garbage disposals system review. The Cover Control Garbage disposal system review will explain all the necessary features to you for making a better choice decision.

Insinkerator Cover Control Plus Evolution Household Garbage Disposal Batch Feed Model

The first model for introduction in the Cover Control Garbage disposal review is the model of the Insinkerator Company. This model offers the state of the art magnetic cover stop feature for the garbage disposal. The following other features make it worthy of being on the Cover Control Garbage disposal review list.


This garbage disposal houses a powerful motor that can generate a speed of about ¾ horsepower. The motor is an induction one with Dura Drive feature.

Grinder capacity:-

The grinder chamber of this disposal system is spacious and offers an area of maximum 40 oz.

Cover Start technology:-

The disposal system offers the Magnetic Cover Start technology. The robust chrome plated cover with magnetic tip is to be placed on the cover of sink for the disposal system to start its grinding feature. The feature is also a type of security feature because without the Cover the disposal system will not start.

Sound Seal technology:-

The SoundSeal technology incorporated in this disposal system allows the user to work in a quieter environment unlike the other garbage disposal system.

Multi grind feature:-

The Multi Grind technology provides the user with two different grinding features that allow the waste of any kind to be grinned in fine fluid form for easy passing through drainage system.


The product houses the In-house warranty of 7 years from the Insinkerator Company.

Waste King Legend Series L-8000 TC Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

The model further along the review of Cover Control Garbage disposal system list is the model of the Waste King. The model is of the Legend Series form Waste King Company model number L-8000 TC. The following feature of this batch feed garbage disposal allowed us to place it in list of the Cover Control Garbage disposal review list.


The garbage disposal houses a powerful motor tat rotates the sharp blades with a speed of 2800 rpm in full grinding action.

Power cord:-

The power is supplied via 36 inches of power cord from the electrical outlet source.

Rust free property:-

The grinding material of this disposal is made of rust free parts.

Cover Control:-

The model is a batch feed type that suggests the cover control of the garbage disposal as its functioning feature. Small amount of waste must be placed in the grinding chamber and cover with a stopper before the disposal starts itself.


The splashguard is of removable nature.


The product hoses one of the most extended warranties in industry. The in-house warranty of 10 tears protects the garbage disposal system.

Insinkerator Evolution Pro Cover Control Garbage Disposal

The last item in review of Cover control Garbage disposal system is the item of Insinkerator Company. The models of cover control type from the Insinkerator Company are much more reliable and provide quality-working conditions to customers. The following features make it worthy of being in the Cover Control Garbage disposal review list.


The Dura Drive Induction motor housed by this disposal unit allows the user to have grinding seed of ¾ horsepower.

Grinder Chamber:-

The grinder chamber of this disposal unit is bigger than most of the traditional disposal units. It provides a chamber of about 40 oz.

Sound Seal technology:-

The Sound Seal technology is the proprietary of the Insinkerator Garbage disposal systems that reduces the noise up to 60 percent as compare to ordinary garbage disposal systems.

Magnetic Cover Start feature:-

The Magnetic Cover Start feature is not only an efficient start up feature but also provides security. The batch of waste has to be entered inside the grinder chamber and then the chrome pated cover has to be placed which then will automatically signals the disposal system to start.

Multi Grinding Feature and other features:-

The following features are housed by this garbage disposal system.

  • Multi Grind Feature
  • Antimicrobial Sink Baffle
  • Auto reverse grind feature


The product house an In-house warranty of limited 7 years form Insinkerator Company.


To conclude our discussion for the Cover Control garbage disposal review we provide out final thoughts for assistance. The models presented for the above Cover Control garbage disposal review are the best selling products of the renowned brand names. They offer the various quality features of their own. The Insinkerator brand does have an edge over the Waste King model because of their multi grind and sound seal features. The rust free grinding materials and the extended warranty of the Waste king model also makes it more desirable to buy. The choice to buy one is yours to make. The price is also well in means of any ordinary homeowner looking for a quality disposal system. We hope that our review for the Cover control Garbage disposal system provided you with sufficient information in making a decision to buy one.

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