For finding the Best portable Air Compressor

For finding the Best portable Air Compressor
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For a long period, the air tools had to drive their power from the complex systems of belts or wheels along with other type of heavy component machineries. The recent innovation of Air compressor led t the ease of the air tool industry as they can efficiently provide the same power of the ancient machineries now even in the portable form. Some of the typical tool list that use the air compressors for their use include the following.

  • Drills
  • Nail guns
  • Spray guns
  • Sanders
  • Staplers

The portable air compressor allows the user with a compact size and easy for handling for the job as compared to large centralized motor ones. Air compressors compared to the ancient power delivery machines require lesser maintenance and are easier to carry from one workstation to another. The need of the air compressor in the modern age urged us to write our review on some of the best portable air compressor in the market available for everyone’s use. The following are among the best of the Best portable air compressor along with their detailed features.

List of Best Portable Air Compressors in Market

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VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

The first item we choose for introduction in our list for best portable Air compressor is of VIAIR Company. They produce quality grade air compressors that can be handled by both professional as well non-professional alike. The air compressors come with the following amazing features.

Power source:-

This air compressor requires a power source of 12 volts for its functioning via an electric outlet.

Working pressure:-

The air compressor while its motor is running at its full capacity can create a max pressure of 60PSI.

CFM (Cubic feet of air per minute):-

The power for this air compressor can be measured by the fact that at 0 PSI it generates a CFM of 1.26.

Max potential reached:-

The max potential of 85 P can only be achieved if the auxiliary output is of 15 AMPS or 180 Volts.

Pressure Gauge:-

The air compressor houses an air gauge on the top of it. This makes it easy to keep in check the amount of air pressure in tires.

LED light:-

The LED light mounted I front of the air compressor hose allows the work are to be illuminated for precise working.

To use the device to its full potential engine must be in running condition all the time.


The VIAIR Corporation offers the warranty of one year for this air compressor from the date of purchase. The warranty is covered only in case of manufacturing defect.

Lifeline AAA 300 PSI 12 Volt DC Air Compressor

The next item we chose to introduce in our list for best portable air compressor is of Lifeline AAA Company. The name is enough to suggest that this air compressor is so compact in a size that it is easy to carry around and be handled by anyone with ease. If in the middle of the road your tire loss its air have no worries just take out the air compressor and get on with your way. The following are some of ts features.

Power source:-

The air compressor works by obtaining a power source of 12 volts. This current can be provided by your car as this air compressor has a car plug that can be plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter slot.  The power cord is easy to be used for filling in tire’s air as it is 10 feet in length. The three-nozzle adapter makes it easy to choose any kind of slot as per car.

Power capacity:-

The air compressor can generate a maximum of 300 PSI. This allows the standard tire to be inflated in less than 5 minutes.

Pressure gauge:-

The air compressor has a built in pressure gauge mounted on its front that allows the user to be in check of the air pressure in tire.


The warranty offered by Lifeline AA on this air compressor is f of limited 1 year. For contacting the air compressor warranty, any information is provided on their toll free number 1-877-377-8234.

Images of best portable air compressors

VIAIR 00073 70P Heavy Duty Portable Air compressor

The third item to be mentioned in list for Best portable air compressor, we chose another VIAIR products this products host all the same feature with some advancements. Following are some of its describable features.

Power source:-

This air compressor for its operation needs a power of 12 volts from an electric outlet. This electric outlet must be of 15 AMPS/ 180 volts or more. This outlet can allow the air compressor to reach tits full potential of 100 PSI.


Te air compressor’s credibility can be measured by its 1.06 CFM when the PSI is 0.


The tire chuck for inflating has a brass chuck on it allowing it to last longer without corroding.

Pressure gauge:-

The pressure can be kept in check by the use of Pressure gauge mounted on top of it.


The air compressor also comes with consumer warranty for 1 year in case of defect. A carrying bag for compressor is given in the product package.

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To conclude our discussion for the above-related best portable air compressors we present you with our final thoughts on the subject matter. The first and last models are of both VIAIR corporations. The VIAIR is a name of quality when it comes to working capacity but as they provide quality, they come with a price. The price is not that much for a person who has a normal budget. The Second model is of AAA Company and the name suggests its reliability as a product to be used in emergency with ease. Just plug the power cord in car cigarette lighter slot from your choice of adapter nozzle and inflate the tire. The price for this model is relatively cheaper as compared to VIAIR products making it an ideal item to be purchased. We hope that our review for Best portable air compressor provided you with some information as to select one.

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Best Portable Air Compressors

The need of the air compressor in the modern age urged us to write our review on some of the best portable air compressor in the market available for everyone’s use.

Power source
Working pressure
Max potential reached
Pressure Gauge
  • Power source
  • Working pressure
  • Max potential reached
  • Pressure Gauge
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