Best portable air compressor reviews for purchase one

Best portable air compressor reviews for purchase one
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  • Motor and efficiency
  • Lower noise
  • Pump System
  • Maximum Pressure
  • Thermal protection motor

The need of air compressor with the air tools is now common these days. However, the problem is that there are many models of air compressors in the market. Some of them are so heavy in size that they cannot be moved from one place to another without putting in decent amount of force. This is why the most popular models for air tools or to carry out the need of the inflating the Portable air compressors are considered optimum choice for it. There are number of portable air compressor in the market but we have chosen only the best for our Best portable air compressor reviews. All the air compressors in our Best portable air compressor reviews belong to some of the famous brands. We will give the detail description of all these models along with their salient feature to help you understand thoroughly about the product that you will be buying in future. Here are our Best portable air compressor reviews.

List of Best Portable Air Compressors In Market

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Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor

The first on our Best portable air compressor reviews is of the Makita brand model number AC001 compact air compressor. This easy to handle and use air compressor has lightweight compact design along with the following salient features, which do it justice of being among the Best portable air compressor reviews.

Power source:-

The power source is electric. It requires a low amp draw from an electric outlet of 10 amps for its full functioning.

Motor and efficiency:-

The motor of this air compressor generates a speed of 1/6 HP enough for creating a maximum air pressure of about 125 psi.

Lower noise:-

The motor works on low sound level of 60 decibels allowing a comfortable noise free environment.


The air compressor with its compact design weights only 24 pounds. The pump and motor are encased in a roll cage construction for protection and safety. All of these design features in its lightweight allow the user to experience mobility of this air compressor without little effort.


The air compressor is backed by 1 year limited warranty from Makita. The warranty is valid in case of defects and effective from date of purchase.

Pulsar PCE6150 Horizontal Electric Air Compressor

The next model is of the Pulsar air tools and compressors. This is a heavy-duty air compressor with wheels on lower side to allow moiety around the workstation. This portability and many other features allow it to be among the Best portable air compressor reviews.

Power source:-

The air compressor needs 120 volts of eclectic current for its full functioning from an electric outlet of 15 amps via power cord.


The pump of air compressor is oil lubricated allowing lesser maintenance and keeping the motor and pump cooler.

Maximum Pressure:-

The maximum pressure experienced by this air compressor is about 115 psi generated by the motor of 3.5 horsepower in its peak performance condition. The following CFMs allow the quick recovery of the air pressure within the tanks.

  • 52 CFM at 40 psi
  • 2 CFM at 90 psi


The air compressor has a 15-gallon tank placed in a horizontal design. One big wheel and two smaller wheels provide with mobility in work area.

Warranty and accessories:-

The air compressor houses a warrant of 1 year in case of manufacturing defects valid from date of purchase. The following are contents of the product when ordered.

  • Wheel kit
  • 2 pressure gauges
  • 2 Quick-Connect Couplers

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Hitachi EC99S 4-Galoon Portable Electric Twin Stack hot dog Air Compressor

The last item for our Best portable air compressor reviews belong to Hitachi air compressor model number EC99S. The air compressor features Twin Stack air tanks of combined volume 4 gallon. The following are some of its salient features for discussion.

Power source:-

This air compressor requires lower amp draw from 10 amps electric outlet. The power required is 12 volts via power cord


The max air pressure created by the 4-gallon Twin stack air tank is about 135 psi in its peak performance. The motor produces this air pressure from its 10 horsepower.


The pump is of Cast iron and lubricated with oil for user’s comfort form frequent services. This also keeps the motor and pump cooler and increases their life.

Thermal protection motor:-

The motor is covered with Thermal Overload protection feature. This safety feature allows the motor to shut down immediately in case of overheating.

Other features:-

The Locking regulators allow the delivery of pressure to air tools effectively. The pressure gauges mounted on to for keeping in checks the air pressure are encased in steel for longer durability. Coupler for attachment to tools is of universal nature as it can quickly attach to anything.

Warranty and accessory:-

Warranty of one year by Hitachi ensures your safe purchase of this product. The accessory items include the following.

  • 8 ounces of Synthetic oil
  • Oil dipstick

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To conclude our discussion on the Best portable air compressor reviews we present to you our final thoughts on the subject matter. All of the air compressor stated above are f some use as per different user need. Makita and Hitachi models are light in weight with greater mobility due to their low air tank volumes. The pumps are of both oil-lubricated natures providing protection against heat. The difference in Hitachi and Makita is mainly of the brand name. Makita develops its product in USA in its own manufacturing companies that is why they boast of excellence and performance oversea and in home.

Hitachi is a Chinese manufacturing company producing products in its Chinese manufacturing companies and selling all around the globe. This fact is not that considerable but still puts a lot of strain on reputation that is why Hitachi’s product are more cheaper ads compared to Makita. The Pulsar air compressor is a compressor mainly for professional grade work. The 15-gallon air tank crates a pressure to carry out any job thrown in its way. Te thermal motor protection allows the shutdown of air compressor in case of overheating. In the end, the decision is yours. We hope that our review for Best portable air compressor reviews proved to be of some assistance in your decision of purchase.

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Best portable air compressors

There are number of portable air compressor in the market but we have chosen only the best for our Best portable air compressor reviews.

Motor and efficiency
Lower noise
Pump System
Maximum Pressure
Thermal protection motor
  • Motor and efficiency
  • Lower noise
  • Pump System
  • Maximum Pressure
  • Thermal protection motor
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