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Plants have their own charm. A large number of studies have proved that human mind get fresh and relaxed just by looking at the fresh grass and green plants. If you have a garden which is the result of hundreds of hours of your hard work then you may not want to see it ruined just because of leaves. Autumn is coming and you need a best leaf blower to keep your garden in good shape all the time. If you try to search for blowers for large yard, you will find numerous results. Each manufacturer will claim his product is the best in town. An in-depth analysis of leaf blower reviews suggest following 5 leaf blowers to be best in all respects. All these five leaf blowers are discussed in detail.

Top Best Leaf Blowers That Will Change The Look Of Your Garden:

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1. Husqvarna 350BT 50.2cc Gas Powered BlowerHusqvarna-350BT-50.2cc-Gas-Powered-Blower

It is one of the few best leaf blowers currently available in the market. Following are some of the distinguishing features of this extraordinary product.

Lightweight: It matches your abilities and skills. The efforts and commitment is in vain if the equipment is not suitable. Like when you have a large yard, you do not need a heavy equipment to tire you out. The 350BT Back Pack Blower from Husqvarna is very light in weight so you can use it for a longer period of time without getting tired.

Innovative Engine:This blower has a unique engine called as X-TORQ having a medium size capacity of 50cc. It decreases emissions, consumes less fuel and gives more power. You can read this feature from all the reviews of 350BT available over the internet to verify them.

Design for You:In order to provide a capacity for a large lawn and to use it easily, ergonomics is taken into consideration when designing controls and harness. That is why the controls are present on the tube.

Warranty:It comes with a warranty of 2 years for parts as well as labor providing you risk free option in buying this product.

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2. Makita XBU01Z Cordless BlowerMakita-XBU01Z-Cordless-Blower

Leaf blowers reviews for this product were all positive which means customers loved this product. Working on yard is a breeze when Makita XBU01Z Blower is with you. When you purchase 18V Lithium-Ion X2 LXT® Cordless Blower then you also get one Long Nozzle with it. The powerful battery allows you to use blower for a longer period of time. The strong motor has two variable speeds of 0 – 10,000 rpm and 0 – 17,000 rpm for you to have a better control. As it operates through battery so it is economical as well as environmental friendly. Following are some of its features.

Consistent Speed:It has an ability to run continuously for up to 30 min with the help of its dual 18 volts Lithium-Ion batteries at a maximum air speed of 208 miles per hour through its variable two speeds motor.

Less Noise Pollution:It is 30% less noisy as compared with other blowers. The level of noise is as low as 86 db.

Less Costly:The blower’s maintenance is also less costly as compared to zero gas emissions.

Easy to Use Design:The blower’s length is 36.25 inches and has a weight of only 8 lbs. including batteries. The grip made of rubber is very strong and soft to handle. It makes blowing very comfortable.The L.E.D. indicators provide instant update on battery charge status.

Durable:The computer controls of Star Protection prevent the blower and battery to over-heat, over-discharge and overload.

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3. Tanaka Commercial Grade THB-260PF Handheld BlowerTanaka-Commercial-Grade-THB-260PF-Handheld-Blower

According to leaf blower reviews, not many blowers are up to the standard of Tanaka Commercial Grade THB-260PF Blower. It is one of the best handheld blowers available in the market. This feature makes it very comfortable to operate and any time when user feels tired they can put the device aside and give their hand some rest. Its second handle allows user to give support with both hands and distribute the weight. It is an ideal device as not only it is operated easily; it is also very good in removing the residue and leaves from garden.Features of this product are as followed.

Accessories Included:The THB-260PF by Tanaka is designed to take maximum utilization and convert all its weight to strength. The new handheld gas powered blower comes with a shredder blade which can be used at times for vacuum. It also features elastomer grip which is soft in nature and cruise control. It is also CARB compliant.

Quick Cleaning:The fan nozzle having high-volume provides excellent force to blow out all the leaves and debris in a very quick manner.

Hassle Free Operation:The accessories of shredder, elastomer grip, cruise control, and fan nozzle make blowing your lawn a breeze.

Powerful Motor:The motor is PureFire engine of two stroke having a 25 cc capacity and 1.3 horse power.

Less Noise:The noise level is only a mere 68 dbA.

Warranty:It comes with commercial use warranty of 2 years and consumer use warranty of 3 years as well.

Light Weight:The weight on blower with tubes is only 10.9 pounds.

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4. Xpower 4 HP Variable Dryer and VacuumXpower-4-HP-Variable-Dryer-and-Vacuum

XPOWER, a name everyone recognizes when it comes motor driven electrical systems and equipment. It makes versatile and useable products with the help of its state of the art facility. In this article we have reviewed its two in one pet dryer and vacuum which is certified with safety standards of electrical safety. Its pet dryer works on those surfaces where heat of at most 109 degree Fahrenheit is required. The areas include cars, dogs etc. Following are the distinguishing features of this best leaf blower.

Effective to Operate:The motor and brush are designed to keep the noise level down by 40% than the other comparable products. It also increases the motor durability. It is also energy efficient as it only requires 12 ampere of current to go at maximum speed. It provides accurate control of air for larger as well smaller breeds and that too at the lowest cost in the market. These are exceptional attributes for a handheld dryer.

Vacuum Work:It can also work as a small clean up vacuum. You just need reverse the screw.

Filter System:There are two filter systems. One keeps the motor clean through its three filter system. The other is an internal filter which is connected to first one by end cap screw-off.

Portable:It weighs less than 11 pounds to make it easily portable. The unit feet is rubber tipped to avoid slipping from hand. The wrap around cord is designed so it does not come in between when moving it around.

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5. Makita BBX7600N Backpack BlowerMakita-BBX7600N-Backpack-Blower

If you are not budget constraint and need a high performer blower then Makita BBX7600N Backpack Blower is for you. Leaf blower reviews for this product indicates higher level of customer satisfaction with its features and benefits. Its design allows you to use it with comfort and it also does not give a hard time to your ear. It I design to blow all types of yards, if you have a small garden it will make it in a flash and for larger grounds it gives a prolong run time so you can blow all debris away in one go. Although it is a high price product but it saves for you in maintenance and consumption. You will come to know all the features in this review which makes it valuable product.

Motor Specification: It has a commercial duty four stroke engine having a capacity of 75.6 cc and 3.8 horsepower. This engine is energy efficient as it does not require any mixing of fuel and its consumption is also low as compared to other blowers. It gives zero emission clean burning which makes it good for environment as well. The engine is very quiet in operating and the capacity also allows run time longer as compared with other models. The engine gives a solid air speed of up to 195 miles per hour maximum and volume of air till 526 cb.ft / min.

Comfort:The straps are wide and the panel at back is padded which gives every comfortable handle and allows user to blow for a longer period of time without getting tired.

Filter:The air filter has a large capacity allowing more debris to be collected. It can easily be accessed and replaced.

Read full review here.

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Buying a quality product at reasonable price is a very hectic job especially if you know nothing about its features and benefits. The purpose of this report was to give information about best leaf blowers currently available in the market. For this purpose, leaf blowers’ reviews were analyzed in order to provide the readers with reliable information. So, now you do not need to check every single leaf blower in the market. Just narrow down your list to these blowers and buy the one you like most in terms of features and price. Autumn is approaching so you must not waste much time. Go and get a leaf blower, before your garden starts looking like a wild forest.

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