Best Espresso Machine – Results of Latest Research

My work is creative in nature and that requires a silent and calm environment where no one can disturb you. This is why I choose night to do my work as it is the time when your creativity and innovation is at its peak. Coffee is the best partner for people like us. Here, I am not talking about just coffee but a great coffee that is full of taste and smells good. I used to make coffee manually which was time taking. Here, I must mention that I drink 3 to 7 cups of coffee a night so it is impossible to make great coffee every time. On my birthday last year, my feonce gave me an expresso machine as a gift. To be honest, I was not serious about using it as I prefer coffee being made manually. one day, all of sudden, I opened the packing and made coffee in it. It was the first time I realized coffee can be this much tasty, refreshing and magical. It was like a drug that refreshed my mind within minutes. I am proud to say that it is one of the best gifts I got until now.

Its really Torturing

My feonce told me that he had to spend a month searching for the best espresso machine as there were so many espresso machines and each of them were considered top ranked by their manufacturer. The machine he purchased for me was expensive but it lasted for 3 months only. I was so addicted to drinking coffee from espresso machine that I went to market the very next day for  buying an espresso machine and that is when I realized to what extent sellers go for selling their products. Every manufacturer claimed that his machine was best when the customer reviews were saying totally different. Anyhow, cutting story short, I finally succeeded in buying a great espresso machine. Its been in best working conditions for last 8 months. I know how torturing, difficult and time consuming it was to find just an espresso machine that is why I am here to share my research I did to make sure I get the best espresso machine this time.

Here is My Research

Every day millions of people go for shopping. Some of them luckily buy what they want while others take their homes, the products which are scams. Do you know the reason behind this? The only reason is lack of knowledge about the product. It is easy to fool you when you are unaware of the technical details of the product. Thus, one should know something about the product which helps him to buy worth buying product. If we particularly talk about buying of the espresso machine, then here are the things you should know about espresso buying.

Source Mentioned: Here, it is important to mention the source of information we are sharing in this detailed report. Our highly experienced team of Internet experts was given this task to gather genuine and authentic data about different espresso machines by reading expert and customer reviews. This report is the result of detailed and in depth research being done to provide you with real information.

List of Top Best Espresso Machines In Market

Last update was on: December 6, 2018 4:16 am

Following are espresso machine reviews.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel 1 big

Like me, most of the people cannot imagine their day without a cup of coffee. Coffee with its enriched flavor, not only clears the mind but also has stimulating effects. That is why every other person is addicted to coffee.

To prepare a good cup of coffee at home what you actually need is an espresso machine, the gift of technology for coffee lovers. In order to help you people select the right type of espresso machine here I am giving to review one of the best espresso machines made by Gaggia, a well reputed Italian company known for its quality products. This unique product is specially designed for people who love to have good coffee.

Features and Specifications

Mentioned below are the distinctive features of this awesome product which make it look apart from other similar products:

Has Efficient Filter

The product offers you a standard 58mm filter for excellent brewing. Moreover, it plays an important role in enhancing the flavor.

Has Stainless Steel Housing

To increase its durability the product main structure is made of stainless steel. This material is selected as it is resilient towards rusting or corrosion, thus, making the product more reliable.

Has High Voltage Boiler

 For quick boiling, it has an efficient boiler which runs on high voltage. You also get an independent expansion valve with the boiler.

Advance System for Pressure Release

 As soon as one cycle of espresso is completed, three way solenoid valve releases pressure immediately. So, you can easily go for another coffee round without wastage of time.

Temperature Stability

The product offers smooth running of espresso operation without any temperature fluctuation. These heavy duty brass material portafilters, which are chrome plated as well, stabilize the temperature of the machine.

Easy To Clean: It is easy to clean, merely wiping from the damp cloth clean it.


Personally, I highly recommend this product to people who are looking forward to buy an advance espresso machine.

De’Longhi EC 155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

DeLonghi-EC155-Espresso-Cappuccino-Maker 2 big

Coffee is the major hot drink consumed by millions of people every day. Most of the people consume coffee in the morning because of its refreshing properties. For a good cup of coffee most of the people rely on the Cafe. But one cannot go to the cafe every morning to have good coffee. But surely he can buy something that helps him in preparing first class coffee at home e.g. an espresso machine.

Features and Specifications

Following are the unique features of one of the best espresso machines:

Gives you Perfect Froth

To give desired froth to cappuccino this awesome product has swivel jet frother. With the use of this frother you can give ideal creamy froth to your cup of cappuccino, making it more delicious and appetizing.

Has Dual Function Filter Holder

Another distinctive feature of this product is its dual function filter holder which gives you the choice to use either ground coffee or pods for coffee preparation. Moreover, it saves you time by preparing coffee rapidly.


Each and every component of this product is made of quality material in order achieve an end product which is highly durable. The main part of the machine, boiler, is made of stainless steel to reduce the chances of corrosion. Thus, you can completely rely on this product as it is capable of serving you for years.

Has Separate Thermostats

Another distinctive feature of this product is its separate thermostats which control steam and water pressure separately. Actually it gives you the freedom to prepare cappuccino and normal coffee at perfect temperatures.

Easy To Clean

Unlike other products, it does not require extensive cleaning. You just have to disassemble the parts for cleaning purpose and do not worry about reassembling, as it is easy to reassemble.


After going into detail of the technical specifications of the product, I personally have liked it a lot. Not only me, but a whole lot of customers have given positive feedback regarding the product. So, my piece of advice for you is, do not waste your time on scam products, buy this Real coffee making machine and enjoy good coffee.

De’Longhi EC702 Espresso Maker

DeLonghi-EC702-15-Bar-Pump-Espresso-Stainless 3 big

Coffee flavor and quality depend upon two things its cultivar and its method of preparation. If you want to enjoy good coffee, make sure you purchase best quality coffee beans. Once you purchase the coffee the next step is its preparation. For making excellent coffee what you need the most is an espresso machine. No machine can prepare coffee the way espressos do. So here, I am going to review one of the top 5 espresso machines for people who are interested in buying advance featured espresso machines.

Features and Specifications

Following are the distinctive features of this outstanding product:

Has Cappuccino Frother

This unique espresso machine contains cappuccino systematic frother which mixes the steam and milk to give rich, creamy froth to your coffee.

Has Excellent Filter Holder

The espresso contains an excellent filter holder which improves the brewing process to give the best quality, rich in flavor coffee. These filter holders are capable of brewing both types of coffee, ground coffee as well as coffee pods. Thus, this espresso gives you the choice to select the type of coffee you want to prepare.

Has Water Tank and Separate Thermostats

For preparation of more than one coffee cup at a time this product offers you 1.3 liter water tank. This water tank is not only spacious but also easy to remove for cleaning purpose. Moreover, the boiler used in system has separate temperature thermostats to control water and steam pressure separately.

Have Cup Warming Tray

Another admiring feature of the product is its warming tray. This tray has heated panel for gentle warming of coffee cups. Thus, it facilitates you to prepare coffee at same consistent temperature.

Easy To Clean

The product has an anti-drip design which means it is easy to clean.


The advance features and affordable price make this product worth buying. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get this awesome product.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Nespresso-Pixie-Espresso-Maker-Electric 4 big

You will find various espresso machines available in the market representing reputable brands. Nespresso Pixie is one of these respectable brands which are well known for their quality products. They have manufactured various espresso machines latest of which is Nespresso Pixie electric titan espresso maker. This product has all the advanced features because of which it is ranked among top five espresso machines.

Features and Specifications

Mentioned below is brief description of advanced features of this product:

Compact Design

The first eye catching feature of this product is its compact design and black color. Unlike traditional espressos, its compact design makes it suitable for small kitchens. Moreover, its eye catching black color attracts you at first glance.

Separate Programmable Buttons

Another unique feature of this product is the separate programmable buttons for espresso and lungo. Merely pressing a button will rapidly initiate the preparation of your desired coffee without wastage of another second.

Highly Efficient

Here is good news, when using this espresso you do not have to wait much for coffee preparation as this outstanding machine prepares the brew within 20-30 seconds. Thus, you can enjoy your coffee within short span of time.

Water Detection System

The product also has a water detection system present, which indicates the level of water in the tank. Thus, you can know exactly when to fill the water tank.

Has Folding Tray

This awesome product also has folding dip tray to place larger cups. It also allows you to experiment various recipes by keeping various coffee ingredients on the tray.

Automatic System

The machine has automatic power off system including easy to use power cord storage.


Another worth mentioning feature of the product is its affordability which means you get a quality product at a reasonable price.


If we count the positive points of this particular product then it is: compact, easy to use, has advanced features and most of all is affordable. So in short, if you want All in one type product then this product is the best option for you.

Breville BREBES870XL Express Espresso Machine

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine big

Although you will find any product you want in the market yet among these thousands of products few will be worth buying. The product I am going to review here is among those FEW products. Breville Company has a reputable name in the coffee industry and their latest product Breville BREBES870XL Express Espresso Machine is considered the best espresso machine available in the market. I hope you will be interested to know the features of this latest product. So, let’s have a look at its advanced features.

Features and Specifications

Following are the unique features of this amazing product:

Well Designed

This unique product is designed while keeping in mind customer’s convenience. The casing of the machine is made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning. Moreover, no-slip feet are present, which prevents slipping of machine on either side when the grinder is on. Thus, it is designed to facilitate customers to maximum.

Has Adjustable Grind Size

This espresso has an amazing setting of adjusting the grind size as per required. It gives you option to grind coffee either into fine powder or coarse texture. Thus, giving you the freedom to prepare coffee the way you like it.

Has Thermo Coil Heating System

For accurate control of water temperature an integrated stainless steel water coils are present. The coils control and maintains the temperature. They automatically adjust the temperature for excellent espresso extraction.

Conical Burr Grinder

To enhance the coffee flavor up to maximum, conical burr grinder is present. This grinder enhances the flavor by directly exposing the coffee beans to grinder. As a result of which you get highly refreshing, flavor enriched coffee.

Automatic Drip Tray

Another unique feature of this amazing product is its automatic drip tray. As soon as the tray is full an automatic system indicates you to empty it. Hence, it facilitates the cleaning process.

Images Of Best Espresso Machines

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This product is no doubt the best product in all aspects of quality, durability and affordability. So, if you want a Real Espresso machine buy this one. You will definitely not regret your decision.

Things You Should Know About Espresso Buying

Following are the vital things which you should consider while buying espresso machines:

Brand- It Definitely Matters

Always make sure you select the right brand. There are many reputable brands in the market which offer quality espresso machines. What you have to do is to simply select the one brand which offers more features than others.

Size and Shape

The next thing to consider is the size and shape of the required product. If you want an espresso machine for your apartment or a small house, go with the well designed compact espresso. While in case of office use, prefer such espresso that is comparatively large and prepare more than one cup of coffee at a time.

Filters Used In Espresso

An important aspect which needs your attention is the type and number of filters used in espresso machine. Moreover, the sieve size of the filter also matters. Prefer such product which has multiple filters of small size on single filter espressos.

What It Actually Offers

Some espressos are capable of making normal coffees while others can prepare cappuccinos as well. It is wise to select the dual function espressos, which can prepare cappuccino, as well as normal coffee. Thus, before buying make sure what the product is actually offering you.

Boiler Capacity

In espressos, the main work is done in boilers. The boiler is the place where coffee flavor is enhanced by true means. Boilers are available in different capacities. Some are small sized, capable of producing one cup of coffee at a time, while others are spacious enough to prepare more than one coffee at a time. When it comes to boiler size and material, make sure you select the right size and the right material. Prefer high voltage boilers on ordinary ones, as they are more efficient.

Number of Thermostat

Thermostats are an important component of espresso machine. These are responsible for maintaining temperature and pressure of the water and steam. Prefer such product which offers you separate thermostats for temperature and pressure regulations of water and steam. Thus, number of thermostats used in product matter a lot.

Grind Size

Some espressos offer an advance feature of adjusting grind size as customer required. It means you can select the grind size of coffee beans from coarse to fine as you like. So, check out either the espresso you have selected offers you this feature or not.

Easy to Clean

The cleaning of complicated machinery is quite difficult. So, select such espressos, which can be easily cleaned.


When you go for shopping, make sure that the product you are going to buy has a suitable price. It means that you should see that the product is actually offering all the features of which it is taking the price. Another thing is to compare with other similar brands as well as different retailers.


It is good to prefer warranted products on non-warranted ones. A warranted product gives you the right to contact the manufacturers, within warranted period, in case you have any issue with the machinery.

Take Buing Decision Wisely

Do you want to buy a good espresso machine which is not only affordable, but also has advanced features? If yes, then these are the few things considering, which can help you a lot in buying the best espresso machine. I am sure you will find them really helpful and have the best machinery around.

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