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The electric blankets provide the best way to make you warm by controlling the heating mechanism. These electric blankets have a built in heating mechanism that makes your body warm. It provides the heating effect for two persons on a bed. Most of the people prefer to buy this blanket as it reduces the cost required to install the heating system of the house. It is programmable and detects the temperature of body and generates the heat accordingly. The electric blanket reviews has revealed the benefits of best electric blanket and it is estimated that annually millions of these blankets are sold is only America. Here are few brands of electric blankets are discussed for the convenience of the people to get a best one for their home:

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                  Soft Heat Micro-Plush Electric Blanket

Soft Heat electric blanket

If you are looking for a best electric blanket then this Soft Heat electric blanket is perfect for you. You can lessen the load of your heating bill and enjoy the coziest and convenient nights by using this soft electric blanket. The nice fabric and the best heating capacity of the blanket have made this blanket to get the top positioning in electric blankets. The main features of this electric blanker are discussed here:

Comfortable to use

Overall the performance of the electric blanket is good. It uses the low voltage technology so it is safe to use. It also helps you to save the money and to get the warmer feeling even in extremely cool rooms. This electric blanket is light in weight as there are no bulky wires in the blanket and you can use it conveniently.

Easy to wash

This electric blanket is also easy to wash. The micro plush fabric and the rib design of the electric blanket make the blanket easy to use and wash. You can wash this electric blanket without being worried of its quality. It will not shrink or expand.

Dual lighted controls

The blanket is featured with a dual lighted control to give the individual adjustment of the electric blanket. It has the ability to automatically shut off after ten hours. That feature gives you the more flexibility and you can enjoy a deep sleep without being worried of the any damage of the electric blanket.

Biddeford 2024-905291-711 Microplush Blanket

Biddeford electric blanket

The Biddeford blanket is available in various sizes and colors. According to the electric blanket reviews of Biddeford, this electric blanket gives you a therapeutic heat to warm you and it is soft in nature as it is made up of 100 % polyester. The best thing about the blanket is that it is free of mess of the bulky wires and it is constructed by using ultra-thin wires to make the blanket warm and light weight. This electric blanket also has digital controls and besides that it has following features:

Heat settings

This blanket gives you an option to adjust the heat settings of the electric blanket. It is featured with 10 heat settings and you can adjust it according to your need and the cold weather outside. No matter what is the temperature outside you can use this electric blanket to make yourself comfortable in cold weather. It also has an ability to auto shut off after 10 hours. The digital controls of the blanket and the dual temperature control features of the blanket also add convenience to its use.

Easy to wash

It is made up of 100 % polyester. You can wash this electric blanket without thinking of its deformation. That will not get spoiled even after washing.

Long lasting heating effects

This electric blanket is made up of thin wires that are distributed evenly within the blanket. The heating effect of the blanket is long lasting and you can use it for longer periods of time. That also saves the energy and puts less pressure on your budget.

Images Of Best Electric Blankets

Sunbeam BW1213-030-470 Microplush Blanket

Sunbeam electric blanket

Here is another best electric blanket that will make you people comfortable in cold temperatures. You can make your winters comfy by using this electric blanket. The Sunbeam electric blanket is awesome to use as it also gives you lots of features. It is light in weight, easy to wash and most important is its heating effect which is superb and you can enjoy the heating effect of the Sunbeam electric blanket for longer hours. The prominent features of this electric blanket are:

Warming system

The warming system of the electric blanket is efficient and it detects the temperature of your body and generates the heat according to it. So in this way, it also generates a moderate heat level to make your bod feel comfortable.

Heat settings

This Sunbeam electric blanket gives you a feature to preheat the blanket. This pre heat system allows you to warm your bed before your sleep time.The 10 heat settings and the auto shut off features of the electric blanket make it easy to use. You can use it safely in cold weather. That will give you a perfect sleep by generating the more heat around you.

Convenient to use

It is featured with digital display and easy to push buttons. It is made up of 100 % polyester so light in weight. All that combines together increase the overall efficiency of the electric blanket.

Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush Queen

Sunbeam Luxurious electric blanket

This soft velvet plush electric blanket is considered one of the best blankets according to the electric blanket reviews. It is easy to wash and dry. You can use it with more flexibility and ease. The more features and advanced settings of this electric blanket will make you people to love this product. If you want to get a good product for the winter, then this electric blanket is awesome to buy. This Sunbeam electric blanket has following main features:

Thermofine warming system

The warming system of thermofine has been introduced in the electric blanket. This system monitors the heat of the body and the blanket. It automatically adjusts the temperature of the blanket by this monitoring. In this way it gives you the more peaceful night sleeps.

Heat settings

Like most of the other electric blankets, this Sunbeam electric blanket is also featured with heat settings. The main benefit of this blanket over others is its 20 heat settings while on the other hand the other electric blankets give you a feature of 10 heat settings. So you can get the maximum benefit of this feature.


A product is considered very useful and durable if it has longer warranty. Similar is the case with this electric blanket. It comes with a warranty of 5 years which is enough to show its credibility. You can use this product for a longer time to make your winters peaceful and warm.

Serta SertaLuxe Plush Electric Blanket

best electric warming blanket

Here is another best electric blanket which is awesome in its features and best to use. This Serta electric blanket has a large range of features and it also gives you the best warming results. It is made up of soft polyester and easy to wash. It is compatible with the room’s decor and it is also best to use. So overall it is great product to buy and it has following main features:

Convenient controls

The super band dual controls of this electric blanket are perfectly compatible to each type of room décor. The buttons of the blanket are silent to use. An easy to grasp knob and buttons to on/off the blanket are there to give you the quiet operations of the blanket. Similarly the light of the buttons also gets dim in darkness to make your sleep uninterrupted. The auto on/off functions makes you relaxed in case if you sleep or forget to do it.

Even distribution of heat

The Serta electric blanket also makes sure the even distribution of the heat. The warming system of the blanket monitors the temperature and it adjusts the heat of the blanket according to your requirement. You only need to push a button to perform this function. You will get your bed warm within few minute. It will not have any cold or hot spots because of its even distribution of heating mechanism.

Low voltage blanket

This electric blanket uses the low voltage and in this way it makes the blanket budget friendly. You can use it in a cost effective way to conserve the energy.

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The electric blankets are used especially in those areas where the temperature drops to the freezing temperature. However it is also a common practice to use this electric blanket in other areas where there is no snow fall during winter. The main benefit of these electric blankets is that they are warmer than other traditional blankets. They also allow the users to adjust the heat of the bed or the blanket according to their requirements. These are made up of fine wires and polyester so these electric blankets are light in weight. You can choose any brand that offers the best features of the blanket and warranty. For that purpose you can have a look at this guide to get a good product.


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