Benefits of using an electric lawn mower

As a garden lover, you value the worth of your lawn and are well inclined towards its maintenance which was once thought to be achieved best by gas mowers. However, with the general prices of fuel and labor rising along with the awareness on using green technology, people have started shifting to electrical lawn mowers. These lawn mowers can be found in two categories; battery or cord operated and both have defining features with many benefits that we shall be discussing below.

  1. Cost efficient: Your electrical mower runs on electricity which costs much cheaper than conventional gas mowers since you don’t require any transportation costs of going to the gas station to get your mower or any reserve tanks filled up.
  2. Easy maintenance and storage: Unlike gas mowers, your electrical lawn mower does not require any tune ups or regular trips to the service station thus, cutting costs and maintenance efforts. There are no fuel filters or spark plugs to change as well. When it comes to storage, most electrical mowers come with retractable handles which allow the mower to easily fold and fit into small and compact spaces therefore, storage is not an issue either.
  3. Quick start: Gas mowers come with handles that require pulling and pumping the engine in order to start. However, this is not the case with electrical lawn mowers because they come with easy push start buttons that only require a slight shove to start.
  4. Safety options: Fiddling with gasoline can prove hazardous; hence electrical lawnmowers come without the use of gas thus, no spills or any mishaps. Moreover, gas lawn mowers tend to get hot very quickly which could become dangerous, however this doesn’t happen with electrical lawn mowers.
  5. Improved blade design: Technicians have really out done themselves with the improved blade design found in most electrical lawn mowers which requires less blade energy and will work easily and effortlessly on various stubborn grass textures.
  6. Environmentally friendly: Statistically speaking, an electrical lawn mower has been found to emit 3,300 times lesser hydrocarbons into the atmosphere compared to a gas mower which has high carbon foot print. Running on clean electrical energy means zero emissions.
  7. Quiet operation: An electrical motor is said to be 50 to 75% quieter than a gas operated motor thus you need not worry about engaging in any noise pollution, disturbing your neighbors or wearing any protective hearing gear when mowing your lawn.
  8. Mobility: Battery operated models are said to be self-driven. Also there is less hassle of the gas or cord running out.
  9. Lightweight: IC engines found in gas lawn mowers are quite heavy as compared to the engines found in electrical lawn mowers thus; electrical mowers tend to have increased mobility along with less effort involved in pushing your mower.
  10. Battery: Your cordless lawnmower’s 36 Volts battery can easily run at least 50 minutes before running out, which is adequate for a 1/3 acre lawn. You are only required to charge your battery for 3 hours before using it. If you have a bigger lawn, it is advised to keep a secondary battery charged as well for smoother running.

Technology has made the most hardest of home chores easy and convenient for any home owner today. Rather than spending excessive time working on your lawn, you will end up spending

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