Benefits of kitchen knife

Every cook needs to use knives on a regular basis and must know the problems faced while slicing some food objects will dull knife. Around 85/100 kitchen has dull knives that remain useless everyone just want to solve their by replacing their old ones to new ones, but this is not the solution to keep on replacing the old to new on a regular basis, but the solution to this problem is to buy excellent quality knives, but some people still think about the price and prefer the cheap ones but they don’t understand that they are not actually wasting their money instead of saving. So it is recommend to buy some with little good prices because it may last longer and can be maintained as well by using sharpeners.


Cutting Purposes

The most common use of the kitchen knives is to cut the things. Almost everything in the kitchen can be cut with the help of the kitchen knife. You can cut the fruits and vegetables into the desired shape and size with the help of the kitchen knife.

Different kind of the knives along with their particular use are discussed below:

Knife with Wavy Edge

This kind of knife is used to cut the products which are hard from outside and soft from inside. This knife allows you to exert greater pressure on the object.

Knife with Straight Edge

Raw meat can be cut with the help of this knife. You can also chop different kind of vegetables by using this knife. The straight edge of the knife provides you with the most precise cuts and gives you the best performance.

Knife with Granton Edge

This kind of the knives has the grooves on the blades. These grooves on the blades help you cut the products into thin slices even if they are very juicy and sticky.

Bird’s beak knife

If you want to peel any kind of the fruit or vegetable, this knife is perfect for you.

Chef’s Knife

This is the most widely used knife in the kitchens. It can be used for all kinds of the cutting purposes.

Sheep’s foot knife

If you need to pair the food, this is the right choice for you.

Clip Point Knife

You can use it for different small tasks like removing the eye from the potato or removing the pits from the olives.

Boning Knife

This kind of knife is used to remove the meat from the bones.

Bread Knives

This kind of the knife has the thick blade. It is used for cutting the loaves of the bread. Most of them have an 9 inch blade for cutting the harder crust in just one go.

Slicing Knives

These kind of the knives is used to make the slices of the products.

Utility Knives

These kind of knives is used for various purposes. Larger vegetables can be cut by the use of this knife.

Tomato knives

These are similar to the bread knives. These are used to cut the products with tough external crusts.

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