Badger 500 garbage disposal review

Badger 500 garbage disposal review


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  • Garbage disposal with 26 oz. Grind chamber and galvanized steel grind system
  • 1/2 Horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • We Come to You 2 -Year In-Home Limited Warranty

The garbage disposer system a real blessing for a today’s modern home. With their fast acting motor that can drive their sharp impeller bales to high speeds resulting in getting rid of the garbage and food waste in efficient manner.

Feed types of disposer systems

There are primarily only two garbage feed types for disposer system that are as follows

  • Continuous Feed type Garbage Disposer System

The Continuous feed type garbage disposer system allows the user to just simply turn on the power to disposer system for letting it kept on and get rid of bulks of food wastes in minimum time span. This not only saves time but also is also efficient. The only con for this garbage disposal system is that it is prone to accidents like a fork or spoon falling inside Grind Chamber. In that case when you turn off the power the damage has been done.

  • Batch Feed type Garbage Disposer System

The Batch Feed type model as the name suggest allows the user to treat food waste in small batches. Waste has to be first paced inside grinding chamber and a cover stopper when placed n the sink lip will start the grinding chamber. This provides security to the flaw of garbage disposer system. The con is the Batch feed type itself as it will take a lot of time to treat waste.

Insinkerator Garbage Disposals  

Many of the companies in the market are manufacturing quality Garbage Disposer system for their customers all around the world. These companies pay great attention to the materials used for the manufacturing of the disposer components along with keeping a steam lined reasonable price range along with working quality of top grade. One of the top leading brands in the garbage disposer companies is the Insinkerator Brand. There quality products are known by everyone. They have many series including the Badger Series a topic of concern for us today.

Badger 500 Garbage Disposal reviews

Today we have decided to introduce to you the Badger 500 garbage disposal reviews for allowing you to choose this product for your home. The product is called by the name of Badger 500 and is one of the many Badger series products. The modest power to motor and the other various features that allowed us to explain this model are in the following Badger 500 Garbage Disposal reviews.


The product is of the Insinkerator Company that places the Dura Drive Induction type motors inside their disposal systems. These motors tend to be the low noise creating motor with durable life. The Dura Drive Induction motor of this model creates a power of ½ HP, modest amount of power that can take care of any food waste easily.

Grinding Speed:-

The motor is able to rotate the grinding blades with maximum speed of 2600 rpm. This much speed is capable of creating a grinding action that can convert hardest food wastes into liquefied form, which then can be easily passed through the drainage system with ease.

Grinding Chamber:-

The construct for the inside of their grinding chamber is made form stainless steel material that adds to the rust free and corrosion proof property of the grinding chamber. The grinding chamber is spacious and provides the user with a spacious area of 36 oz.


The components of the grind chamber are made from galvanized stainless steel material. This material not only provides rust free property for durable life but also assist the disposer in reverse grinding speeds.


The installation for this disposer system is made easy and efficient with the Quick Lock Sink Mount feature introduced by Insinkerator. This feature also makes the replacement of the disposer in case of service or parts replacements a breeze.

Power Cord:-

The power cord is not included in the product contents and as to be purchase separately. Power cord is often not needed because the wring for this badger model is wired directly during installation.


The outer design construct for this model is made from the galvanized steel material the material adds to strength and durability of the disposer system by giving it a rust free property. The product is lightweight due to this steel material construct and weighs only 13.7 pounds for easier handling during installation.

Working Operations:-

The model is designed to be the continuous fed type garbage disposer system. The continuous feed type allows the user to manage the waste efficiently in large bulks without ever a need to stop. To avoid any type of accidents like a fork or spoon falling into the grinding chamber a Rubber gasket is mounted on sink lip to avoid any fall.


The Insinkerator provides for an in-house service warranty for the product. The time for this service warranty is of 4 years.


To conclude for the Badger 500 garbage disposal reviews we present our final thoughts on the subject matter to allow you make a better decision buying this model. The model included in the Badger 500 garbage disposal reviews is the only 500 model of the badger series with other models like 900, 5, and 5000. The model is the compact design for a continuous feed type garbage disposal with the powerful Dura drive induction motor. The grinding speed is also some not to be take lightly for. Galvanized Steel construct makes the model durable for the yearlong use.

The installation feature of Quick Lock Sink mount allows the user with ease of installing itself without asking for a professional by paying them an extra buck. Price range is well in means of anyone who is looking for a quality Garbage Disposal system and is on a tight budget. The decision in the end to buy one is yours to make. We hope to have provided you with information from our Badger 500 garbage disposal reviews in buying this model for your home food waste management needs.

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